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As Foundation Chair, I wanted to take this opportunity to perhaps clarify and educate our newest members about how our Club relates to The Rotary Foundation. The Foundation encourages all Clubs to work towards having each member contribute at least $100 to the Foundation Annual Fund. This fund is what does the bulk of the work for the Foundation, both locally and around the world. Our Club has almost all members that contribute $100 annually.

A second way that our Club relates to the Foundation is with regard to Rotary International's effort to eliminate polio throughout the world. This has been a 30-year effort that is almost there. This effort is not funded with the Annual Fund contributions mentioned above. Each Club is encouraged to contribute $2,000 annually toward this effort. Our annual contribution is funded from three sources: Donations received from the public at our annual solicitation at Plumas County's Drive-Thru Flu Clinic, our weekly 50/50 raffle, and our monthly wine raffle. We need each of those sources to do their share of the work in order for us to meet our $2,000 goal. Please buy 50/50 and wine raffle tickets each week!