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South Suburban Region Black Chamber

South Suburban Region Black Chamber

About STARRTEMPS Staffing

As a company, we strive to demonstrate the Value of the worker by ensuring the compensation they receive is of a standard that reflects the real needs of people with families and adopts a community responsibility.

The team is a word that is the cornerstone of the Starrtemps philosophy, adopted in its true meaning where the entire company is driving for a change and community aspect to the Temporary Staffing area of the business.

Starrtemps Attains the worker is suitably recognized for What they bring to the business

the responsibility of being on time, ready for work, dressing appropriately and reflecting the business they work for in a complimentary manner!

Resources are all facets of the company, Starrtemps operates with guidance that is from a simple business Vision Do unto others as they do to you

Starrtemps says Thank You to its workers, simple gestures that have integrity and meaning behind them.