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About 24/7 Health Connect

24-7 Health Connect was launched in 2020 by a group of healthcare executive and providers passionate about the future of digital "connected" healthcare. Our true north is to connect individuals to their health by inspiring well being and peace of mind. We provide innovative health solutions while fostering personal engagement and delivering timely service.

We are trailblazers in the field of remote patient monitoring (RPM). Often abbreviated as RPM (and sometimes known as remote patient management), remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in information technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings.

Remote patient management is moving more healthcare out of the hospital or clinic setting and to where people live, work and play every day. It is about using technologies to connect people with their own health, connect with their doctor and connect with a future of improved health and well-being, without disrupting their lives.

24-7 HealthConnect is not intimidating to patients or providers as it does not rely on medical devices of the past, but on todays sleek, consumer-friendly personal tech products. Using a smartphone or tablet and an app, so widely used across all generations, the ConnectPlus platform leverages technology that makes it easy for you to manage your own health.

The ConnectPlus difference is that we use technology to provide you and your doctor with real time information about your health at the same time our Health Navigators are providing around the clock support, education and resources that will help you improve your health. This gives you the chance to see your health data now and track your progress over time while also enabling your doctor to see what is happening with your health, and to proactively manage your care as needed.