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About Mani Sidhu - Attorney

Serving Marysville, CA for 12 Years

Mani Sidhu of the Law Office of Mani Sidhu has defended many cases in Marysville, CA, and surrounding areas for 12 years. With his extensive experience, Mr. Sidhu is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer focused on providing his clients with solid legal expertise and aggressive defense. When you're charged with a crime, who you choose to represent you could make or break your case. Having Mr. Sidhu in your corner could secure you the best possible outcome for your situation.

Are you being charged or investigated for a crime? Do you need criminal law advice? Mani Sidhu will do everything in his power to win your case. While he can never guarantee the outcome of any case, he will work tirelessly and aggressively to protect your rights. From evaluating the evidence, finding witnesses, answering your questions, and building a solid defense strategy, he is the criminal defense lawyer for you.