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Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce

Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce

About Sukh Purewal State Farm

As a born and raised Yuba City, CA resident, Sukh Purewal understands the value of giving back to his community. Whether he's helping a new business owner protect their budding company or volunteering at a local nonprofit, Sukh works to make his hometown a better place every day.

At Sukhs State Farm Yuba City office, you'll find a friendly team with more than 30 years of combined customer service experience. This shows in his teams' willingness to spend time educating their policyholders on the different ways to maximize the value of their policies and plan for the future.

To better serve their policyholders across California, the team consists of members fluent in four languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Punjabi. Sukh believes that a language barrier should never bar anyone from getting access to top-notch insurance. The State Farm Yuba City team can often be found volunteering for local nonprofits or sharing ideas with other businesses at the Chamber of Commerce.

When Sukh isn't busy leading his State Farm Yuba City team or up early to volunteer, he loves to travel the world with his favorite person is wife. But when they don't have a plane to catch, the pair can be found on the couch catching the latest game.