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About Greenlee County

Living in Greenlee County is a privilege and one of the great aspects of living here is the relative absence of serious and violent crime. Our communities and neighborhoods are still places where our children are free to play in safety, people are friendly and neighbors know and care for each other.

At the Greenlee County Attorneys Office, were working hard to keep it that way. While we recognize that we have our problems with crime, we believe that by faithfully, fairly, and aggressively prosecuting adult and juvenile offenders, we can help keep our overall crime rate low and serious and violent crimes out of our communities.

As advocates for the citizens of Greenlee County, our primary job is criminal prosecution, but we also perform many other functions that improve the quality of life here. We provide a wide variety of services that assist victims of crime including victim compensation programs, restitution recovery, court notification, victim consultation, and coordination of victim services available in the community. People who write bad checks to Greenlee County businesses raise the cost of goods and services for all of us. Thats why we run a bad check program that helps businesses recover their losses and appropriately punishes bad check writers.