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Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce

Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce

About Color Country Massage

In 2013 Jennifer envisioned Color Country Massage as a place of relaxation and healing, where the best people and tools come together to create a healing and relaxing environment to rehabilitate, restore and bring into balance the Mind, Spirit, and Body. When we say Healing through Relaxation it isnt just something we came up with, its something that takes place when you can rest and restore health with talented professionals who have years of extensive training in the latest techniques and use the best tools in the industry to assisting you with your goals of health and well-being.

While we offer add-on services, to complement your appointment, we dont believe in having financial surprises when it comes to getting great care, so you will find that our prices are not only competitive but also reflect our expertise and the care in creating the exact Custom Massage, Nutritional support, Energy balancing therapy, and Light Therapy treatments you need, to have the best opportunity for health and well-being. Take a look around and let us know how we can serve you the best way possible.