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While Brian Head serves as a premier destination for adventure and relaxation, it has a rich history of various cultures and industries. The region was first discovered by the Fremont tribe of Native Americans and then later settled in 1851 by European shepherds and cattlemen who used it as a camp for summer grazing. Sawmills and a cheese factory later became the primary sources of the industry until the early 1900s. The pure mountain water and cool summer nights made the Brian Head region a desirable place for these early settlers and business people.

One of the most interesting parts of Brian Heads history is its name. Brian Head was originally known as Monument Peak and was used by early surveyors and expedition leaders as a point of reference. One story claims that the famous explorer John Wesley Powell saw the peak above all the others and named it after an official in the Geographical Survey Office by the name of Bryan. Another story claims that the residents of Parowan changed the name in 1890 to Bryan Head in honor of the American politician, William Jennings Bryan.