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About Creative Designs Company, Inc

Creative Designs Co is a Family owned Business that started from the desire to find an alternative to standard countertops as we were looking to start flipping homes.

In our search to find something new, we found Epoxy Resin. After trying multiple sample pieces, we fell in love with the material and process. We instantly knew that bringing such an amazing, creative, and durable material to the market would be a great business. While epoxy resin has been around for a very long time, the special formulation of the product we use and its application is truly unique. Once fully cured, our countertops are heat, impact-resistant, and nonporous making them extremely easy to clean. The ability to create such a beautiful, durable unique piece is why we do what we do.

Since then, we have built a professional team and have added Designer floor coatings as well as custom river tables and furniture to our lineup. We have completed several hundred floors with our combined 25 years of experience in the coatings industry and are proud to serve you!