Advertising Statistics


Display Case Search Engine Exposures Period Display Clicks All Votes Conservative $0.25 ROI Industry Average $1.50 ROI
Custer Floral & Gifts 283,250 433,975 124,681 $108,493.75 $650,962.50
Prairie Pioneer Center, Inc. 210 180 53 $45.00 $270.00
TOTAL (2) 283,460 434,155 124,734 $108,538.75 $651,232.50
AMCPB: 217,077.5 TOTAL: 434,155


  • Display Case - Name of business
  • Period Display Views - Member's total display views or exposures from their online display case
  • Period Display Clicks - This is an actual action by a human (not just an exposure) to learn more
  • All Votes - When a person visits an individual display they have the option (when feature turned on) to click that they like this display or service.
  • Conservative $0.25 ROI - This display click through value is calculated at a VERY conservative $0.25 vs buying an ad at $1.00 to $2.00 industry average. We find that these reports often offset the full cost of community membership within the first 12 months from the member's launch date.
  • Industry Average $1.50 ROI - This display click through value is calculated at an industry average of $1.50.

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