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You're staying in Portola for Friends of Portola Railroad days and you need a place to eat and sleep?

No worries, we suggest the best options to make sure you enjoy your stay!

Motels and Lodging

Sierra Motel: 380 E. Sierra St. Portola, call 530.832.4223

Chalet View Lodge: 72056 Hwy 70, call 530.832.5528 

Sleepy Pines Motel: 74631 Hwy 70, Portola, call 530.832.4291

Plumas Pines Resort: 402 Poplar Valley Rd., call 530.836.1420 

Pullman House Inn: 256 Commercial St., call 530.832.0107 

Nakoma Resort, Golf, & Spa: 348 Bear Run, Clio, call 530.832.9862


Local Restaurants

Nichole's Coffee Depot: 5 W. Sierra St. Portola, call 530.832.4175

Lena's Cantina: 165 E. Sierra St. Portola, call 530.832.5360

Graeagle FrosTee: 28 CA-89, Blairsden-Graeagle, call 530.836.4811

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