Residential Moving

Offered by College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving
Moving / Storage
Moving is one of those stressful experiences you will have in your adult life.  For some, it's right up there with having a baby, starting a new job, or buying a house. Moving to a new home often accompanies one of these events, with...

Hospice and Respite Care

Offered by The Lilac at Silver Palms

Nutritional Counseling

Offered by South Florida Wellness, Inc.
Chiropractic Doctors
South Florida Wellness, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive care, and our nutritional counseling services are an essential part of our approach to holistic well-being. Our experienced nutritionists work closely with you to develop...

Business Checking

Offered by OptimumBank
OptimumBank is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes, offering a diverse range of Business Checking products tailored to meet your unique banking requirements. Whether you're a startup or a well-established enterprise, discover the...

Financial Statements

Offered by Karpel & Company, CPA, Tax, Consulting
At Karpel & Company, we recognize the pivotal role that financial statements play in management decision-making and in representing your business to various stakeholders. Serving as a crucial tool for informed choices, financial statements...

Home Mortgages

Offered by Synovus Financial Corp.
Home mortgages are pivotal financial tools that enable individuals to realize their homeownership dreams. Typically offered by banks or financial institutions, a mortgage is a long-term loan used to finance the purchase of a home. Borrowers...

Blood Pressure

Offered by Sonolife Care
Sonolife Care in North Miami Beach offers Blood Pressure services, measuring the pressure of blood within arteries. Routine tests are important for general health. For those with normal blood pressure and no heart disease risk factors, testing...


Medical Services
Our practice places a strong emphasis on nutrition and wellness, recognizing the vital role they play in achieving and maintaining optimal health. We offer comprehensive nutrition and wellness services that are tailored to your individual needs...

Cold Brew

Offered by Playa Bowls
Dive into the rich world of Cold Brew by Playa Bowls in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Indulge in the seasonal Peppermint Mocha Sweet Cream Cold Brew or the classic Sweet Cream Cold Brew for a smooth coffee experience. For pure coffee enthusiasts, the...

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Offered by Karpel & Company, CPA, Tax, Consulting
Navigating the complexities of estate matters is a crucial aspect of financial planning, and at Karpel & Company, we offer specialized Estate & Trust Tax Preparation services to provide peace of mind during challenging times. Taking a...


Offered by OptimumBank
Discover tailored financial solutions at OptimumBank to meet your needs today and secure your financial future. Our diverse range of checking accounts is designed to accommodate individual lifestyles, offering options such as Simply Free...

Winter special

Offered by Playa Bowls
Experience winter's magic with Playa Bowls' exclusive Winter Specials in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Indulge in the North Pole Acai Bowl and Avalanche Coconut Bowl for a burst of seasonal flavors. Sip on the cozy Gingerbread Smoothie or the Peppermint...